Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya Partners with Department of Museums Malaysia to Organise the “Warna Warni Busana Malaysia’ Pop-Up Museum
28 August 2023

Pop Up Museum aims to promote local history amongst Malaysians with over 100 exhibits / replicas being featured in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day and Malaysia Day

PETALING JAYA, 28 August 2023 – Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya, one of the malls under the management of WCT Malls Management Sdn Bhd revealed its Warna Warni Busana Malaysia program in partnership with the Department of Museums Malaysia, Ministry of National Unity.

The pop-up museum, which will last for one month, is aimed at promoting local history to fellow Malaysians, especially the younger generation on the country’s various textiles, attires, accessories worn by different ethnics and cultures during the early years of the nation’s pre-independence. Located at Level G (Lot GF-33) of Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya, the pop-up museum will feature over 100 exhibits and replicas of the multi-cultural ethnics of Malaysia which are directly sourced from the Department of Museums Malaysia. The exhibition which runs from 16th August 2023 – 17th September 2023 coincides with two historical dates in Malaysia, 31st August – Malaysia’s Independence Day and 16th September - Formation of Malaysia.

Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer – WCT Malls Management said, “We are very honoured to host a pop-up museum in the mall, featuring Malaysia’s multi-cultural and colorful ethnics in Malaysia which symbolize the nation’s strong foundation and unity which attributes to the nation’s growth and independence. We would like to thank the Department of Museums Malaysia for their valued support.

We at WCT Malls are constantly evolving and experimenting with interesting ways of organising events, promotions, and activities, especially during this endemic period. The idea of having a pop-up museum in a mall during the patriotic months of August and September is a fresh and creative way to support local tourism through the sharing of our rich culture, heritage, and a celebration of history.

The Warna Warni Busana Malaysia exhibition showcases the uniqueness, elegance and diversity of traditional fashion and personal adornment that symbolize the pluralistic nature of Malaysian society. This exhibition exclusively brings together as many as 68 items, consisting of a collection of traditional clothing and personal ornaments of various races in Malaysia. Some of the collections are owned by the Department of Museums Malaysia, while others are on loan from the exhibition's partner, the National Archives of Malaysia.

The contents of this exhibition are interspersed with narration about the uniqueness of Royal ceremonial clothing, which becomes the identity or image of the ruler and his kingdom, by focusing on the wearing of the Royal Tengkolok as the royal dress of Malay Kings since several centuries ago. The main focus of this exhibition is the characteristics and persona of the traditional clothing styles worn by Malaysia’s multi-racial community.

The exhibition also includes a video showing Malaysia's pluralistic society, consisting of various races and identities that shape Malaysia as a unique and colourful country. This diversity can be clearly seen through the unique use of traditional clothing by each race.

The pop-up museum is officially launched on 28 August 2023 by Yang Berusaha Encik Mohamad Sobri Bin Mat Daud, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of National Unity.

Other highlights and public activities that will take place at Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya during the 1-month exhibition are as follows:

  1. Merdeka workshops in which children and parents or family can participate in arts and crafts such as batik colouring activities – where visitors have the opportunity to colour a batik kit and participate in a tutorial on how to fold the tengkolok.
  2. Merdeka Colouring Contest on 26th August 2023
  3. Merdeka GWP Redemption in which shoppers get to redeem an entry ticket to any of our local museums in Kuala Lumpur (terms and conditions apply) with minimum spending in Paradigm Mall PJ
  4. Program Rahmah and Tenants Discount as low as RM6.60

Those who would like to get more information about our country’s textile and various cultural can visit a few museums under Department of Museums Malaysia all around the country including National Museum, National Textile Museum, Malay World Ethnology Museum, Orang Asli Craft Museum and Music Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about the festivities and promotions, kindly visit the Paradigm Mall PJ Website: