WCT Partners with Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia
29 September 2022

In conjunction with World Clean Up Day 2022, the Group collaborated with Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia to organise Waste Segregation and Recycling Awareness Workshop to generate internal employee awareness of waste segregation and recycling.

A total of 18 internal employees participated in the workshop at Tzu Chi Kota Kemuning Recycling Education Centre. It was a fun and fruitful workshop where our employees were reminded of the role that they can play in protecting nature by practising the 5Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. During the hands-on session, participants were also exposed to the different types of recyclables and the proper ways to recycle.

As a gesture of appreciation and support to Tzu Chi Malaysia’s environmental protection and charity mission, WCT Holdings Berhad donated the proceeds of RM5,000.00 from the Group’s Landfill Waste Reduction Programme, which commenced in 2020.

Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia is WCT’s official partner for the Landfill Waste Reduction Programme. The programme focuses on reducing landfill waste by encouraging the 5R practices in our offices, awareness of proper segregation of waste and the regular collection of recyclable wastes such as paper, plastic, aluminium, metal, and glass at our offices to be processed. A Recycling Day is held every 2 months in WCT offices.