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Human Rights Policy
WCT is committed to human rights in all aspects of our operations. This policy extends to all members of our organisation and stakeholders, embedding human rights as one of WCT’s values. WCT is guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles to endeavour towards no child and forced labour, fair employment and remuneration, safe workplaces, freedom of association, and zero tolerance for harassment.

The objective of this Policy is to promote human rights in our relationship with our employees, customers, communities and other business stakeholders. Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of WCT and this Policy provides a basis for embedding the responsibility to respect human rights through all business functions.


This Policy applies to all Directors and employees of WCT Group of companies and its subsidiaries including such persons who are on contract, apprenticeship or any persons by whatever description under the supervision of WCT.


WCT is guided by the principles as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including as follows:

3.1 No Child Labour and Forced Labour
We are in compliance with the applicable laws. We do not recruit child labour and we observe the minimum employment age strictly. We also prohibit the use of all forms of forced labour, slavery and human trafficking.

3.2 Fair Employment and Remuneration
3.2.1 WCT operates in full compliance with the applicable laws and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, colour, gender, age, disability, religion, ethnic background or marital status.
3.2.2 Employees are compensated fairly and working hours and overtime are in accordance with the applicable laws. We remunerate our employees equitably based on qualifications, job scope, skills and experience relevant to the work performance expectations.

3.2.3 Safety and Heath
WCT is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees in compliance with the applicable health and safety regulations, laws and requirements.

3.2.4 Freedom of Association
WCT respects workers’ right to freely associate and form groups for collective bargaining. We believe that every employee has a right to freedom of speech and expression.

3.2.5 Preventing Harassment and Abuse
WCT has zero tolerance against any form of harassment and abuse including power, psychological, discriminatory and personal harassment.


WCT will ensure that this Policy is disseminated to all directors, employees and relevant stakeholders. All new employees must be trained on the content of this Policy as part of their induction into the Company.

It is the responsibility of every manager to ensure that all his/her employees are aware of this Policy.


Management reserves the right to review / modify / amend / cancel this policy. When there is a change in the policy, this document needs to be updated with a version number and duly approved by the Group Managing Director / Deputy Group Managing Director.

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