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Sustainable Procurement Policy
In line with its Responsible Supply Chain Policy, WCT recognises that its procurement of products and services can have economic, environmental and social impacts. As such, WCT is committed to promoting procurement based on sustainability principles by advancing the positive impacts and reducing the negative ones in the course of carrying out its business. WCT seeks the cooperation of all its suppliers and their subcontractors to work together with WCT to uphold the provisions of this policy in the course of participating in WCT’s supply chain. Suppliers are encouraged to ascribe to international standards governing environmental and social aspects.

Circular Economy

WCT aims to expand its reuse, recycle and re-purpose activities to reduce procurement of new items and reduce waste to landfills.
Climate change & GHG Related Emissions

WCT is committed to doing all that is necessary to reduce GHG effects and will proactively take steps to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change in the course of delivering goods and services. To this end, suppliers are required to supply goods and services that cause minimal emissions.
Reduce Water Use

WCT recognises the importance of water for all living organisms and will strive to conserve and reduce water consumption. Suppliers are required to take into account the quantity of water usage for their products as an essential criterion.

WCT seeks to preserve biodiversity in the course of carrying out its business in recognition of the importance of biodiversity for a functioning ecosystem. Suppliers must ensure all goods and services delivered to WCT do not cause harm to the biodiversity whilst in operation.

WCT aims to source and procure energy-efficient goods and services for the entire product life cycle and suppliers are required to supply these.
Labour And Employment Standards

WCT recognises the importance of contributing towards economic growth through job creation and employment. WCT will at all times adhere to prescribed labour standards as stipulated by the laws and regulations of the country including the provisions of the International Labour Organization. Suppliers are required to ensure strict compliance with all provisions of the employment laws and regulations of the country and are encouraged to support all industry good practices.

Uphold Human Rights Principles

WCT acknowledges the importance of protecting the fundamental human rights principles stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. WCT endeavours to promote these values at all times as these are key values for human society and all of humanity. Suppliers are required to uphold WCT’s commitment to respecting, protecting and promoting human rights.

Prevent Slavery, Bondage Labour, Child Labour & Forced Labour

WCT abhors all acts and any form of modern-day slavery and strive at all possible times to prevent such practices in its supply chain.

Non-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity

WCT seeks to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness to create a thriving, creative and innovative work environment. Suppliers are encouraged to promote similar values and have in place appropriate diversity and inclusion policy which reflects and compliments the relevant statutory provisions relating to diversity and equality.

Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining

For the best interest of the workers, WCT does not hinder the right of workers to form associations and participate in collective bargaining processes. Suppliers of WCT are also encouraged to recognise workers’ rights and respect such rights without creating barriers to the formation of collective consensus within the provisions of the law.

Training and Development

To ensure workers remain suitably skilled in the current dynamic business environment, WCT encourages all its suppliers to provide adequate skill training and development to their workers.
Health & Safety

Health & Safety of all is centric to WCT’s commitment to make and deliver quality goods and services and WCT emphasises health and safety as an essential criterion in all procurement of goods and services.
Community Engagement

WCT strives to engage positively and contribute towards building the local community as it conducts its economic endeavours. Hence, suppliers must ensure that there is minimal disruption to the local community due to their business activities with WCT.

Local Procurement

WCT is keen to support local suppliers within the geographical vicinity of its business operations to promote economic activities within a community.
Material Use

Materials procured by WCT shall conform to WCT’s Material Use Policy and the production and supply of such material shall bear minimal damage to the environment and people.
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